Publishing Policy

The way to publication

Schiefs’ are big fans of high-quality, neutral, unbiased and original work by authors. We accept well-written, fact-checked, knowledge-powered articles from photographers, photojournalists and bloggers.

However, each submission will have to go through an evaluation by our editors prior to publication. In addition to a check for plagiarism and some light editing.

Materials for publication

The goal of this website is to provide beneficial and accurate content for our readers. If you have been a patron of the site, and have often read the articles we have been publishing for the past one-year, you know that we have the interests of our readers at heart.

That being said, and in our endeavor to becoming a professional and independent online publication free of third-party influences, we do not publish any of the following:

  • Sponsored articles
  • Articles paid for publication by third parties
  • Press releases and/or public relations materials
  • Advertorials (paid reviews)
  • Articles with paid-for link placements

We also do not participate in any kind of partner-linked systems. Any form of criticism and suggestions put forth by our readers are appreciated but not received in lieu of favors for personal recommendations for their products/services, if any.

Keywords, with links in any part of the content, even in the author’s bio, that would confuse, or attempt to game or influence search engine rankings are strictly prohibited.