Professional Photographer of the Year 2014

Professional Photographer of the Year is an esteemed award recognized by the experts in the photography industry. There are fourteen single image categories and one triple image category, and there will be an overall winner chosen from the category winners, and chosen person will win the title of Professional Photographer of the Year 2014. (You may like: Best Monitor for Photo Editing)


  • Submissions must be made online.
  • There will be no fee for contest participation.
  • Submissions must be uploaded on or before the closing date.
  • The closing date for PPOTY 2014 submissions will be on the 31st of Aug, 2014.
  • Only electronic submissions will be accepted.
  • Professional Photographer will not have any responsibility or liability for entries not properly submitted.

PPOTY 2014 Categories

Black & White: The subject matter of the shot should be perfect for mono to its fullest with dark blacks, bright whites and shades of grey in between.

In the Studio: The judges will be looking for creativity and flair of modifiers, lighting, reflectors and styling, from high end fashion to still life.

Medium Format: Medium format is about quality to enter this category submissions must be shot using a medium format camera, whether on film then scanned or the HD5 Hasselblad.

Street Photography: Submissions can be candid street shots of protests and news events to grabs of couples embracing and funny narratives.

Family Portraits: From a stylized couples shoot to the Brady-Bunch on camera, we want to see your creative construal of this lifestyle subject but there must be a person in the image.

Portfolio of 3: The only category in this competition where participants are invited to submit a total of three images. It should be treated as a triptych a photo story made up of three connected elements from one single shoot.

Prime lens: No zooms allowed but the subject can be anything from your 8mm fisheye to a 600mm.

News: From politicians to celebrities, this category allows participants to show off their technique. Submissions can include anything from photographs taken in the bun fight of a press call to feature based images that create a narrative.

Wedding: Judges will be looking for everything from candid photographs to good narrative and emotions.

Action and extreme sports: For those whose skill lies in freezing moving subjects, this category will allow entrants in the action arena to display their skills, the moment is king.

Location Flash: Submitted photographs should show your skill at lighting a subject, from an outdoor fashion shoot or environmental portrait shot to a epic interior shoot, photos main light should be artificial.

Travel: Judges will look to learn about a location from the image, whether tats with the use of local inhabitants, landmark or its wildlife.

Fashion: From the clothes and makeup to the hair and lighting, combined with precision lens man-ship-take the jury’s breath away.

The Turning Pro award: In association with PP’s sister title Turning Pro, this category is for all of those starting out in the photo industry, turning their passion into their job.

Wild Card: A specific brief will be given for this category, with will need to be stuck to; we will disclose this in next month’s issue – so keep your eyes peeled!

The Photographer of the Year Award 2014: Chosen from the winners of the above categories, the jury’s will choose one photographer who will be awarded the Professional Photographer of the Year 2014.

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