Photographic Museum of Humanity Grant Contest

The Photographic Museum of Humanity Grant is an international photo contest that has been funding complete financial aid for talented photographers and discovers new talents.

The Humanity Grant photo contest starts on December 10th, 2013 and will last until February 26th, 2014. Talented Photographers are invited to submit a series of maximum 15 photos, from which three most relevant work will be awarded.

There is no entry fee, but you must register in our community with a photographer profile in order to join the photo contest. PMH 2014 Grant is an important event to see your work recognized by a panel of outstanding juries in front of an international public. It is a great moment to gain visibility and create your-self new opportunities.

“Since winning the PMH 2013 Grant First Prize, I won a scholarship that will help me to conduct more work, and I think this is largely due to the prize. It enabled my work to gain more visibility and it gives me an extra incentive to start new projects”
Cihad Caner, 1st prize winner of the PMH 2013 Grant


The contest has no entry fee. To participate, you just have to:

  1. Pass the photo editor selection and sign up with a photographer account.
  2. Upload a Series accompanied with caption text in english
  3. Submit a Series of maximum 15 photos to the PMH 2014 Grant.

In case you want to present a series already uploaded that feature more than the maximum number of photos allowed, you will be asked to select the 15 photos during the submission process.


  • 1st Prize USD 2,000 Awarded by PMH 2014
  • 2nd Prize USD 1,000 Awarded by PMH 2014
  • 3rd Prize USD 500 Awarded by PMH 2014
  • New Generation Prize USD 500 Awarded by PMH Curators
  • Honorable mentions Official Certificate of Honor Awarded by PMH 2014

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