CEEweb – Go Wild Photo Contest

The Go Wild Photo Contest is organized by CEEweb for Bio-diversity with Bulgarian Bio-diversity Foundation. Europeans can still be proud of the rich natural world of the old continent, let it be the pasque flower, the brown bear, the saker falcon, or Pannonic sand steppes with gentle slopes. We enjoy their magnificence, use the benefits provided by them, and take the responsibility for their protection for future generations. In the European Union, their shelter is ensured through the Habitats Directive and its group of Natura 2000 sites. Altogether they watch over over 1.000 animals and plant species and over 200 so called habitat types. The Green Infrastructure Strategy and sustainable agricultural farming also play an important role in maintaining our natural heritage.


  • Landscapes with a wild touch – Capture a landscape image of natural habitats and areas, a sustainably run farm or a urban garden.
  • Wild Species – Capture a image of wild European animals or plants at their natural habitats.

Show us the beauty of European protected areas, give a image on environmental-friendly farms and rural areas and show how nature can thrive in urban and artificial environment.

Prize Details

First places in the two categories:

  • 100 EUR and a dedicated CEEweb gift package OR
  • Two days in the breath-taking Bulgarian Western Rhodope with a local photographer guide.

Special award:

  • A day in the Nimfea Nature Conservation Centre, includes photo hut, watch tower, adventure park.

The Polish Society for Nature Conservation Salamandra will award the best photo from Poland with wildlife books.

Image Specifications

  • JPG file type minimum size: 8 megapixels
  • minimum size: 3 megapixels (approx. 2000 x 1500 pixels)

Copyright & Usage Rights

You must be the photographer and owner of the image entered.The organizers and their partners cannot make any sizeable changes to the art submitted without the permission of the contestant.

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