Ka Pomblang Nongkrem, Shillong, India

‘Ka Pomblang Nongkrem’ is the most enjoyable harvest festival of the Khasis celebrated in the month of November in Meghalaya, also known as ‘Shad Nongkrem’. In this five day long festival, people from all over the world gather together at Smit, the capital of Khyrem Syiemship near Shillong and enjoy the occasion of thanksgiving to the ‘Goddess Ka Blei Synshar’ for rich harvest and prosperity of the people. As the name ‘Pomblang’ indicates it’s a day for decapitation of goats.

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Top 20 best wedding albums (Brands)

Professionally designed wedding album is the most excellent way to preserve and display your wedding pictures. You don’t need any iPads, or computer screens to look at them when they are professionally printed and bound in a attractive leather album. But be cautious, it takes time to plan, design, print, and bind a wedding album. It’s a course of action where you shouldn’t rush.

Shadowchief has assembled this list of professional wedding album companies. If you want a stunning album with your wedding pictures, check out this list, and then talk with your wedding photographer to see if they use any of these companies.

1) AsukaBook

AsukaBook offers professional photo albums for expert level photographers as well as book bound and layflat coffee table albums and flush mount albums, AsukaBook maintains strict color regulation, quality control and precision hand binding, which allows AsukaBook to create quality photo albums that is without judgment.

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