DJ Memorial Photography Contest

LMW Presents DJ Memorial Photography Contest

As a tribute to the visionary leader. Dr. D. Jayavarthanavelu, the past Chairman & Managing Director of LMW and an accomplished photographer as well, LMW announces the DJ Memorial Photography Contest. Send us your best shots and get a chance to win and take home the coveted DJMPC Award for the Best Photographer and other exciting prizes


  • All forms of NATURE except Mammals

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Andreas Gursky

Born:  Leipzig. Germany,1955

Europe’s pre-eminent photographic artist who specializes in large-format colour photographs of expansive settings, some natural, but mostly man-made. Studied in Essen and Dusseldorf in Germany in the mid- 1980s. At the end of the decade his work first came to public and critical attention.

He was also a key player in a European movement that wanted photographs to be framed and presented in art galleries and to be regarded as works of art. Has been exhibited all over Europe and North America and in 1998 was awarded the Citibank Private Bank Photography Prize. Continue reading Andreas Gursky

SITTP Food Photography Photo Contest

The Society of International Travel and Tourism Photographers presents the Food Photography Photo Contest. This month the theme of the photo contest is ‘food’, so lets see some creative images that depicts this topic.

You could consider how

  • food is produced,
  • hot it is prepared,
  • where it is served,
  • how it’s served,

Or just about something that you think represent a strong story telling image that gets the visual message worldwide. As with all competitions excellent composition qualities are elemental along with good exposures and thoughtful post-production techniques Continue reading SITTP Food Photography Photo Contest

Ocean Conservancy – Marine Wildlife and Seascape Photo Contest

Ocean Conservancy presents The Marine Wildlife and Seascape Photography Contest 2014. Photographs must show marine wildlife or marine habitats, and have to be photographed in a natural setting.

photo contestImages of aquariums, pools or other confined locations will not be accepted. Images of divers touching or stressing marine wildlife will not be accepted.


  • Arctic: Images of land, water, and animals who call the Arctic home.
  • Gulf of Mexico: Images of land, water, and animals who call the Gulf of Mexico home.
  • Human Impact: Images of fishermen, shipping, marine debris, and all the ways that humans can interact with the deep-sea. This class may feature people in an editorial style.
  • Fish: Images of Red Snapper, Tuna, and other fish in their natural habitat.
  • Our Ocean: Images that do not fit the above categories can be entered into this general photo category.

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The Oxfordshire – Our Life Photo Contest

The Oxfordshire Photography Contest 2014 is themed ‘Our Life’. The Our Life Photography Contest is a brand new yearly competition celebrating everything great about Oxford and the nearby areas. Share your best picture that captures your days in Oxfordshire. This could be a image that represents your community, what you care for about being in Oxfordshire, your travels, adventures, experience and more.

Upload your images and a caption to our contest site for your chance to win some amazing prizes. Judging takes place after the competition closes on the 10th of October by a carefully selected jury’s including Studio8, The Sponsors and Professionals from the Art and Photography industry. All finalists will be invited to an awards evening hosted by Bang and Olufsen in Oxford. Images must be taken within Oxfordshire. We look forward to seeing your photographs. Continue reading The Oxfordshire – Our Life Photo Contest

Dorothea lange


Born: Hoboken, New Jersey, United States, 1895
Died: San Francisco, California, United States, 1965

Lange’s childhood was marked by disability (from polio) and personal loss (her father deserted the family when she was 12). She learned large-format portraiture at the Clarence White School in New York in 1917. Moving to San Francisco in 1918, she set up a successful portrait studio and married the Western painter Maynard Dixon in 1920. After 1929, Dixon and Lange drifted apart, and from 1932 she progressively abandoned portraiture for social documentation.

From 1934-9, Lange worked closely with Paul S. Taylor (her second husband) on social problems of the rural depression, in part for the Farm Security Administration. A Guggenheim award in 1941 was followed by work on US internment camps for Japanese nationals. Post-war, she traveled extensively with her husband, and spent 1954-55 as a photographer for Life. Continue reading Dorothea lange