CEEweb – Go Wild Photo Contest

The Go Wild Photo Contest is organized by CEEweb for Bio-diversity with Bulgarian Bio-diversity Foundation. Europeans can still be proud of the rich natural world of the old continent, let it be the pasque flower, the brown bear, the saker falcon, or Pannonic sand steppes with gentle slopes. We enjoy their magnificence, use the benefits provided by them, and take the responsibility for their protection for future generations. In the European Union, their shelter is ensured through the Habitats Directive and its group of Natura 2000 sites. Altogether they watch over over 1.000 animals and plant species and over 200 so called habitat types. The Green Infrastructure Strategy and sustainable agricultural farming also play an important role in maintaining our natural heritage.


  • Landscapes with a wild touch – Capture a landscape image of natural habitats and areas, a sustainably run farm or a urban garden.
  • Wild Species – Capture a image of wild European animals or plants at their natural habitats.

Show us the beauty of European protected areas, give a image on environmental-friendly farms and rural areas and show how nature can thrive in urban and artificial environment. Continue reading CEEweb – Go Wild Photo Contest

Sony and WPO Presents United Photo Contest

In partnership with the Sony World Photography Awards, Sony and the World Photography Organization jointly presents the United Photo Contest – a photo contest honoring the enthusiasm of football fans surrounding 2014 FIFA World Cup™.

Sports have the power to transform groups of strangers into a united commune. In the festive spirit surrounding the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, United Photo Contest want to see what the spirit of football looks like wherever you are in the world. Whether celebrating a victory in a pub full of sports fans, on the field playing your own football match, gathered around the television with your friends, or in the stadium bounded by millions of fellow fans, United Photo Contest encourage you to enter images that display celebration, community and unity.

The United Photo Contest is free and open to all for a period of one month. Continue reading Sony and WPO Presents United Photo Contest